Sara and Luke Cyphers



I often joke that I have been doing this job my entire life, but really, it is true! I spent my summers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, helping Grandma stain plaques, build trophies, make buttons right alongside my sisters and cousins. In 1986 I was 5 so, yes, dang near my entire life!

I was born and raised right here in Fairmont graduating with the FHS Class of 2000. I worked multiple jobs while in high school but could always be found working at “the store” as we have always called it. Upon graduation I moved to the big city for a whole 6 months, thinking I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up… that didn’t last long! I missed home and my people. So I moved back to Fairmont, picked up where I left off at the store, and commuted to Iowa Lakes Community college, where I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science degree in Graphic Design in 2002.

It has been so exciting for to me to see the store grow so much since starting off in Grandma & Grandpa’s basement. I have been here through the addition of every new service that we have to offer. It is fun to think back and take note of trend changes. I find when I reflect on these changes my main thought is how thankful that I am that our business has grown and diversified with the help of our amazing employees (really they are family to us) past and present.

My favorite part of owning the store is hands down the friendships and community connections that I have made through all these years. I take immense pride in knowing most of my customers on both a personal and professional level.


Our rescuer. If a mouse or wasp nest appears all we have to do is throw out a 911 call to him and he is on it! He is Mr. Fix it around here we have called him for many things including a flood, a fire and the really complicated things like how do you use a rachet strap. On top of keeping our properties in tip-top shape he will literally do anything to help out around here. Cutting trophy columns for hours at a time, making deliveries, and making sure all machines are running their best just to name a few. When he is not helping us Luke can be found working at the Martin County Courthouse in the Maintenance department. Luke was born in Illinios, but raised in Fairmont, graduating from FHS class of 1997.

Luke and I have been together since I was a freshman and he was a senior! Holy buckets a long time right! We tied the knot in 2002. We have two handsome boys, sixteen years apart, Gage and Nash who are exact clones of Luke. Lucky fellas! They did, however, get my sass and spunk! Lucky us! We love living on beautiful George Lake, and take full advantage of all that our summers have to offer in Fairmont. We take great pride in our community. Luke has been a Firefighter with the Fairmont Fire Department since 2002.He has also been a volunteer youth coach for many sports as well as his past therapy dog service with our old golden, Jaxson. I help out where I can when I am not busy filling orders. I am on my second term on The Board of Directors for the Fairmont Chamber, I Volunteer with the Fairmont Fire Auxiliary. I also enjoy (when I remember to go), welcoming new business and celebrating accomplishments of existing businesses in Fairmont with the Ambassadors.

Kelsey Deling

Manager / Ms. DO IT ALL

Kelsey has been with us for the long haul! She has endured many, many of the changes and growth of D&S right alongside us. She joined our team in May 2011 while doing her Graphic Design Internship. Kelsey also attended Iowa Lakes and received her Associates in Applied Science Degree in 2012. We had the same courses and many of the same professors only 10 years apart. How awesome is that! She can be found doing literally anything and everything at the store. Working up awesome designs for our customers may be her favorite but she is also the main gal for all things engraved, heat pressed or vinyl lettered. She takes great pride in knowing all of the fun products that we have to offer. If there is a way for something to be decorated she has got you covered! Kelsey does an awesome job managing everyones time around here, even mine sometimes!

She was also born and raised in Fairmont. Kelsey has always been and still is very active in 4-H with her very unique extensive knowledge of all things rabbit! She Graduated FHS Class of 2010. Also a lake girl, she loves spending time with family on Fox lake in the summers. Kelsey and her boyfriend, Cameron, love their little town living in Northrop. Both country kids, they like it a little quieter than us rowdy town folks! They spend their free time usually doing anything with cars… tinkering on them, attending car shows, enjoying the races on summer nights. Jeeping and 4 Wheeling are also top on their play list! Virtually anything, outside, all the time! Growing up attending all the county fairs and state fairs, Kelsey loves a great outdoor concert or any other entertainment.

Jamie Urban

The Finisher!

Jamie helps with embroidery production and transfers. She is the finisher packaging up all orders sorting, boxing and getting orders outta here! Another busy girl around here keeping up with the D&S Pedal Pull schedule Jamie also works overnights at REM and is also attending college to obtain a degree in Human Services/ Social work. Along with her boyfriend, Dusty, they are constantly keeping tabs on one of their combined 4 kiddos.

Velma Schaal

Bookkeeper/ Mrs. Money

Velma has been with us for over 15 years! She keeps all things in the books on the up and up! She works with us part-time 2-3 days a week, making sure we keep everyone paid and happy. She also does most of our customer billing. Velma is one busy lady! Volunteering is her thing. She can be found helping with Interlaken Heritage Days, The Legion Auxiliary, Veterans Memorial and many various church activities.

Julie Ricard

The Do it all Mother in Law

Julie has been with us since her “Retirement” She will handle anything you throw at her! Printing shirts, making trophies, cleaning anything or last min. 911 calls to be Grandma’s Daycare She is here 3 days a week (we do let her enjoy retirement a little)


Another smarty pants college student, Tegan will be working with us again as she will be doing online college courses working on her degree. She was an awesome asset to our team when she worked for us before college and we are so excited to have her back!